Every year, our communities struggle financially with funding to address all the needs of the community as well as the employees who work for each municipality throughout the State of Maryland.

Often, today's budgets do not allow us to reward our dedicated team members by providing healthcare benefits after they retire...until now. Maryland county, city and town can now offer a Voluntary Retiree Healthcare Program to all their current and future retirees (Post-65)! This program is made possible through the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) and provides a concierge service to help each Medicare eligible individual navigate the confusing world of Medicare and make sure they elect proper healthcare coverage to take care of them throughout their retirement. This program, administered by AmWINS Group Benefits, provides retirees with dedicated Medicare Benefit Specialists to:

  • Explain Medicare and how to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B
  • Review Customized Group Plan Options
  • Compare Individual Medicare Plans
  • Provide ongoing retiree advocacy
  • And so much more

Best of all, there is no cost to the employer and AmWINS handles all the administration, communications, marketing, enrollment, billing & collection and overall program management. The LGIT Voluntary Retiree Healthcare Program is available now. it is easy to set up and requires minimal work to get started. 

Click here to request a proposal and our team will work with you to ensure all your employees have the best healthcare for the rest of their lives.

To receive your customized proposal or to set up a call to discuss the program further, please reach out to Chris Reilly (chris.reilly@amwins.com) to get started today!

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