Below you will find our most frequently asked questions.

How do I get started?

If you would like to learn more about this program, click here to schedule a call. Alternatively, complete this form and we will send you a detailed proposal to show you how easy it is to offer this valuable program, which will not cost the town, city or county anything.

I understand this is a voluntary program, but can I subsidize the premium for a portion (or all) of my retiree population?

Yes, the employer can choose to provide a subsidy to current or future retirees. We can help you determine an appropriate subsidy to ensure a cost-effective program now and in the future.

Are there any costs to me as the employer if I choose to offer this program to my retiree population?

There are no employer costs associated with offering this program to your retiree population. AmWINS Group Benefits manages the entire program so you will have no costs or administrative burden. The only costs would occur if you choose to provide a subsidy to any retirees.

What coverage options are associated with this program?

We understand there is no "one size fits all" solution. Through this program, your retirees will have access to both customized group plan options as well as options offered through the individual Medicare marketplace. In addition, retirees will have access to the Benefits Specialists at AmWINS, who will walk each retiree through their options to help determine which plan(s) will best suit their medical & financial needs.

What administrative services are included?

AmWINS removes virtually all of the administrative burden associated with offering a Retiree Healthcare program. AmWINS will provide complete program support to manage all aspects of this retiree healthcare offering. AmWINS will manage the ongoing retiree eligibility, enrollment, marketing, communications, enrollment kit development, billing & collection, retiree customer service, fulfillment, and the day-to-day servicing associated with the retiree program. You can count on AmWINS to manage the entire process.

What support will my retiree population receive?

Turning 65 and attempting to navigate Medicare can quickly become confusing for any retiree. Through this program, retirees will have access to experienced Medicare Benefit Specialists who will serve as each retiree's dedicated one-stop-shop professional to help them navigate Medicare and understand all of their healthcare options. In addition, the AmWINS Benefit Specialists will serve as an ongoing advocate throughout the member's retirement should they have any questions or experience any issues.

What is the enrollment process for the retiree?

The retiree enrollment experience is simple and easy to navigate. Each member will receive an enrollment communications 2-3 months prior to the effective date of coverage. The communication will instruct the member to visit the LGIT online enrollment platform, where they can review the available plan options, choose the coverage they want and enroll within minutes. In addition, contact information for the AmWINS Benefit Specialists will be included in the communication. Members can always contact a dedicated Benefits Specialist to review all their coverage options on a more personalized level and get assistance enrolling in the plans of their choice.

Can spouses or surviving spouses of our employees/retirees enroll?

Yes, both retirees and spouses age 65 or older are eligible to enroll in coverage.