Add a voluntary retiree health insurance program to your benefits package today, with zero administration, zero cost and zero liability for your municipality. Sound simple? It is.

"Enrolling in Medicare is so confusing yet so important. I'm glad we can offer this program to our retiring and retired employees and help them obtain the insurance counsel they need." - Sarah L., City Benefits Director

Program Value Matrix

A Trusted Partner

The LGIT Medicare Insurance Program supports retired municipality members with post-65 insurance programs.

LGIT-Exclusive Plans

Access plans and rates available only through LGIT.

Medical and Prescription Drug Plans

Choose from three medical plans and two prescription drug plans. Or consult with a Medicare expert to shop the Medicare marketplace for even more options.

Licensed Medicare Experts

Help is a phone call away from licensed Medicare experts who are passionate about delivering great service.

No Annoying Phone Menus

When retirees need help they can talk directly to a representative. Not a phone prompt. 

Available on a voluntary or contributory basis

This program can be offered to all retirees on a voluntary basis or with an optional premium subsidy.

Donut Hole Coverage is Available

Retirees with high prescription drug utilization may reach a coverage gap called the donut hole. This results in increased out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs. Our Group plans features coverage through the donut hole, providing a valuable benefit.

Exclusive LGIT Member Benefit

The LGIT Medicare Insurance Program offers a wide array of insurance programs and services for improved mental and physical well being. 

Available to municipalities of any size

The LGIT Medicare Insurance Program works just as well for small towns as it does large municipalities.